Friday, February 25, 2011

We need some accountability for the mess we are in

There can be no doubt that the people of Ireland are angry. They will not be able to move on until someone held accountable before the Courts for the financial ruin of this country. Otherwise they will not be able regain trust in Government or politicians who are elected to protect their interests. No real change will happen unless we stop brushing the dirt under the carpet.

While the Gardai Bureau of Fraud Investigation were sent into examine the books of Anglo we have yet to see those who were up to dodgy deal brought before the Courts. If our laws are weak in this area then they should be changed by the incoming Government asap.

Al Capone was responsible for the "St Valentine's Day Massacre" he was not jailed for murder but they got him on tax evasion. From then on to this day the Mafia like some of our Developers used a complex set of shell companies to keep their dodgy deals below the radar. We are "a small open economy" the Taoiseach told us sticking out his chest with pride. But we were too open, this is why Ireland was lead by the nose to its inevitable financial destruction.

So where are the billions of euro which were borrowed? Will there be a demand from the Swiss Banks for the names of account holders who have siphoned off money. Does NAMA have the teeth to take over properties in various countries which are in the names of the Developers who owe billions?

Another question is why the Revenue was not watching those people? If Mary with an average job has a spanking new Mercedes out side her door Revenue would be inquiring into her financial affairs immediately. Yet when an average Joe, a small developer, had his own new helicopter to fly the Galway Races no questions were asked. The Revenue is the one Government Department which actually brings in millions of euro but because of the staff embargo it was often left short staffed or being moved to new premises which were rented from the very people who we are now bailing out!

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