Friday, February 25, 2011

Water meters will not plug our water systems

With our water distribution systems nationwide leaking like huge sieve I should imagine that the instillation of water meters should be the at the bottom of the list for any sane thinking Government. Such meters would become totally unworkable with the next cold spell.
"Good Europeans pay water charges", so we must do the same? It will help us to save water they say, will it what? There is something very wrong in this country if we have a shortage of water seeing that for the most part we are getting drenched by it or in our Wellingtons bailing it out of our houses. Surly it is years of neglect and lack of prioritisation by various Local Governments which has caused most of our water problems.
During the Celtic years County Engineers all over the country got large bonuses for excellent services rendered, yet the depths of water distribution pipes in new housing estates were not monitored, will anyone be held to account? Don't think so. Towns in the most scenic areas of our country got no proper sewage systems, Cliften and Oughterard being cases in point. Again the tax payer has to pick out the tab for work not done and services not rendered.
Now to add insult to injury the money to pay for water meters is to be taken from the Pension Reserve Fund. We are paying to put in meters to charge ourselves! When all the costly work is done at the expense of the tax payer you will see the whole system privatised. The Water Distribution Network like the ESB will sold off to fund the biggest Bailout in History....I am not talking about water here.
Are we not just like turkeys voting for Christmas when we agree to water charges under the circumstances where the majority of working people will find a huge drop in their take home pay as a result of the recent Budget.

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