Friday, February 25, 2011

"Animal Farm" Irish style

As the Cabinet gathered around the table in Farmleigh House with it's luxurious surroundings discussing what cuts the rest of us mere mortals will have to endure in the coming November Budget one was reminded of Orwell's famous novel "Animal Farm" where the pigs are living it up in the parlour while the rest of the animals are slaving away in the farmyard trying to build the impossible windmill.

While a plan is hatched for Boxer the old workhorse to be sent to the glue factory the pigs will drink fine wines and begin to walk on two feet. Yes, four legs good, two legs better. "All are equal but some are more equal than others". The men who gave their lives in 1916 must be turning in their graves. Our political elite have now become aristocrats.

In today's Ireland older people are treated like Boxer, they may not be sent to a glue factory but their life savings will be siphoned away by the enormous cost of nursing home care. In the health system they are treated without the dignity which is due to them. Being left on a trolley in our "Centres of Excellence" for hours on end is quite the norm, this is not acceptable by any best practice health procedures within the EU.

Young couples will be burdened with water charges, and a lot of hidden taxes in the next Budget. Many are already struggling due to the various levies which were enforced over the last year.

I have not had the privilege of visiting Farmleigh House but I believe it is well worth a visit. The cost of buying and refurbishing this stately Georgian House was an extravence which was part of the Celtic Tiger era making it not the ideal setting to discuss a Budget which will cause hardship to those still part of a declining PAYE

The Cabinet should have hired out a Supermacs or McDonalds outlet for the week so that they can get the proper perspective of the cuts they are proposing and help them to come to grips with the real world.

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