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Jim Kemmy was right

Tuesday January 29 2008

In a Dail debate in March 1992, Jim Kemmy made a heart-rending appeal to the then Minister for Justice Padraig Flynn for 24-hour policing in Moyross.

"This weighs heavily on me and I regard it as an indictment of myself, my fellow councillors and my city that we have not been able to tackle this matter," the now late Limerick TD told the chamber.

He outlined the fact that some 70 houses were lying idle, unfit for human habitation and that single parents were so intimidated in their homes in the small hours of the morning by roving gangs of youths that they had to move out.

I am sure if action was initiated at that time, Moyross would not be in the state it is now.

However, the knocking down of 2,500 houses is not going to undo the social destruction caused by the neglect and lack of action of the past 16 years.

How many innocent children have now become criminals?

While the rest of Ireland was able to reap the benefits of free second- and third-level education, these children were left out of the loop.

Some will say it was their own fault but I would say it is the fault of the State.

Every citizen has the right to live his or her life in peace.

There must be no more "no-go areas" in the country -- be it in the heart of Connemara or in a large housing estate in Limerick.

If the law cannot protect vulnerable people in the street or in their homes then we need to revise it.

What have we learned if we think we can blot out the past by knocking down 2,500 houses?

With huge estates all over the country without the basic social facilities like schools, community centres, churches or garda stations, it looks like history is likely to repeat itself.

And what happens to the people and their families who will now be refused housing because they are "known to the gardai"?

Will they be sent to other parts of the country?

Is it actually constitutional to refuse a family housing because their son or daughter is involved in petty crime?

This is the big question which no one is tackling.

I would also ask another question: why is no one held accountable for nearly 20 years of inaction?


Had the above was published in both local and national papers back in 2008, but has anything been done to change things?

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  1. If Kemmy was alive now to know what we all know about Minister Pee I wonder would he have bothered?
    The reality is that Castlebar GardaĆ­ hould have been beefed up to enquire as to waht Pee was up to, while a garda station is needed in suburban Limerick in the interest of dealng with anti-social criminality, what Pee and his sidelicks in power 20 years ago were up to vastly exceeds anything that the worst of Moyross could conceive in their wildest imaginations


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