Sunday, March 28, 2010

Anti-Social behaviour needs to be taken seriously

The Residential Tenancy Act 2004 as it is at present has no teeth. Frustrated Residents Associations have highlighted this many times but are not listened to. Why have laws that are there not policed and why is the law abiding citizen not protected. They seem to be the ones who have to move house and home while those who flout the law get to stay and take over whole estates?
It is a know fact that excessive noise levels cause stress and sickness so why do the Authorities not take it seriously?. In recent weeks I have heard of two house owners in Galway who have had to leave their homes because of anti-social behaviour. Noise pollution levels made it impossible for them or their families to get a decent nights sleep. The anti social behaviour made them feel unsafe in their own homes. Their dealings with Gardai, Local Authorities and Private Residential Tenancy Board had left them totally frustrated. It took them months first of all to find out the names of the landlords who failed to take responsibility for havoc some tenants caused in their estates.
In the US all one would have to do in most states is to go to the local Town Hall where one could receive name of offending landlords free of charge. Surly it is in the interest of landlords to see that their properties are kept in a decent condition and that tenants behave themselves. The laws governing the renting out of residential properties in Ireland needs enforcing and where needed new by laws created. It is amazing how quick new parking laws are enforced when money is to be extracted from Joe Public yet when Joe Public is harassed in his own home nothing is done. Renting be it done through Local Authorities or through Property Management Companies should involve a legal commitment as it is in most Western Countries, all rented houses should be registered and fines imposed on those who ignore this law as the law provides for this.

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