Tuesday, July 7, 2009

There should be more women in Politics 1

I would not call myself an out and out feminist but I do feel that there should be more women in politics. As we represent 50% of the population it is not too much to ask for a modern society that we should have 50% representation in politics.
So what is the problem?
Well, I can only talk about my own experience as a Labour Party candidate in the Local Elections here in Galway. Men have the advantage that for the most part they are involved in sport. Granted not always on the pitch but even from the side line they can get to know hundreds of fans from the local clubs. At election this is very important. Because name recognition out weighs hard work on the ground. Being part of a GAA, Soccer or Rugby club is important in getting your name out there.
One woman candidate I know was involved in a lot of community activities, parents and residents associations yet her name was not "out there" so she did not poll well.
Politics in Ireland is not about understanding the needs of the electorate it is about getting them to vote for you. There is a difference and there is not brownie points for finding that out on Polling Day.
First of all you have to have money. Don't believe the anyone who says that money does not matter, they are either naive or the belong to the opposition. Mind you your main opposition will come from running mates from your chosen political party. Women have become equal bread winners in the 21st century family but despite this they do not have the same access to ready money men have. When it comes to divorce or separation they are left with the children, the mortgage and the dog while the man drowns his sorrows in the pub or in the arms of a "young one".
Despite what modernists say women are tied down with family matters. Politics is the last thing on their mind when they have an hour to spare at the end of the day. Soaking in a hot bath often being the priority. Men on the other hand will escape out the door to watch their favorite team dressed in the latest kit.
He will certainly back the pub owner when he puts his name the hat for the local elections or he will make hundreds of casual friends should he take the risk himself.
On a whole women have less casual friends than men. You never see women going up to a women she had never met before and start to talk to her about the Premier League. It just does not happen. This is where men have the advantage over women when it comes to politics. They have a universal language which is sport. This is important when it comes to getting votes. Votes and how to get them is a numbers game. You won't get elected unless you are up there in the high numbers.

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