Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The more things change the more they remain the same

Given the at least half of the electorate did not vote in some areas in the Local Elections, how much of a mandate do politicians really have? The majority of people who don't vote are between the ages of 20 to 35. Maybe it is because they do not believe that voting changes anything.
Some non voters like jilted lovers say that there is no point in voting because they say all politicians are the same. But are they? There are the ambitious who see politics as a way to power, guys with money people looking for extra status, aging sports or former celebrities who always pull in votes and a few idealists who against all odds get elected but never get real power because they don't compromise like Joe Higgins.
Real change will only come when voters change and ask "What can this candidate do for our society not what can they get for me?".
Many of the people who were homeless 15 years ago are still homeless today. The residents of large newly built housing estates across the country are without basic amenities? Will the results of the Local Elections change things for them? Will they now be deafened by the old mantra "The money is not there"? Time will tell.
While fortunes are spent on Wind turbines very little money is being spent on building and maintaining up to date sewage treatment plants. Raw sewage will still go directly into the sea at some of our more scenic towns like Cliften. Anti-pollution laws are not enforced so the Corrib is dying. Tax relief for Wind Turbine Research is like money going to re-event the wheel when Scandinavian countries have been at this for decades. This money would be better spent on protecting our Lakes and Rivers. People on the dole would do such work "just for a few dollars more".
On the canvass one would imagine that some politicians were responsible for everything good in your area. But it is the Taxpayer who funds the City Council who in turn administrates Housing etc.
It is very helpful to have a Councillor to plead your case when individual civil servants won't listen. But Councillors do not get you, your sister or daughter the house, medical card or mortgage income supplement. It is either your taxes or those of your relations who have paid for it. One should not forget this.
You get all of the above because your are entitled to it, if you are not entitled no Councillor should be able to swing things in your favour. One wonders if the French saying applys to Irish politics.
"Plus can change, plus c’est la même chose (the more things change the more they remain the same)"

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