Saturday, April 11, 2009

The need for greater public debate in society

Has the media has played an adverse part in encouraging open debate by excluding the participation the public from most of political programmes? Gay Byrne who one would have to say was either loved or hated by the public was never afraid of the dissenting voice in his audience. So in last few weeks Late Late Show I was more than surprised when Pat Kenny livened up the show with discussions on topical subjects such at "Crimes of Passion", mind you the audience was not asked to participate!

Having to be politically correct is part of the problem, it stifled debate. Anyone who has watched televised Party Political Conferences for instance will know what I am talking about. Most parties will present their best looking and articulate candidates for this session to show they have vibrant young people on board. But where are the not so good-looking characters who have a local accent who often inspire lively and colourful debate? Where is the teasing out of the complex issues contained in the Lisbon Treaty? Why are we not discussing where the EU is heading and who is in the driving seat?
We are committed to the EU, our MEPs and Reps at the EU Parliament have an obligation to inform us how they vote on issues. Most Irish people don't know that our MEPs have to form alliances with various European Parties to get a strong voice. It is easy to know what the Party of European Socialists stands for but what do we know about the other EU Party alliances? Some MEPs go to ground and only surface when their seats are under threat, Brussels is where most of our laws are now initiated so we should not treat MEP elections as an add on to the Local Elections, they are too important for that kind of attitude.
Time to bring back and encourage open debate in every stream of life otherwise politics will have no meaning for the man in the street. It will be something your are into or not into.

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