Sunday, February 22, 2009

We must develop Green Fingers

The pension levy proposed by the Government is just an other heavy weigh on the backs of the PAYE worker. In accepting this or the 1% levy we are almost accepting the guilt for suspect practices by the banking sector. We are like the battered woman who blames herself for the brutish behaviour of her husband or partner.
They (the politicians, economics and even the media) say we should all don the Green Jersey and take some pain. Pain for what? When Bankers behaved like high rollers on Sunset Strip in Las Vegas we are to celebrate a virtual Paddy's Day an month earlier with less money in our pockets! You must be joking, Do we have "Fools" written on our foreheads?
If I don the Green Jersey it will be for all the people who are tied into high mortgages for the next 40 years. Rather than putting on green garments we should get Green Fingers and start sowing some potatoes and vegetables so we can become self sufficient over the next few years. With modern technology we should be able to overcome the disadvantages of a wet climate to be an exporter of fruit and vegetables.
Despite the over building mania we have had there is still have plenty of land which has been growing nothing but weeds which is a sin. My grandmother from Ballyloughane lived by the motto "Waste not Want not". We still have a lot to learn from her generation.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

White Collar Criminals rob the poor

Governments all over the world are now bailing out Banks, they say they have no choice. But have they? And what will it achieve? Even the experts don't know or cannot predict the economic future of the world, so where do we go from here?
In the local Dunnes Stores today an old age pensioner came up to me and asked me if her pension was safe. I told her that she had no need to worry. But has she?
The white collar criminals have stolen our future and they may never see the inside of a jail. Most of the money owed to the Banks will never be paid back especially the millions given to developers for land speculation.
Many projects which would benifit Galway may now have to be abandoned. Maintenence of minor road and walkways will be put on the long finger. We could survive all this put we should insist that the very young or the elderly in society should not loose out

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