Saturday, January 10, 2009

Up Labour

A my local church St. Augustine's this morning I have a funny experience. It was a months mind for one of the parishioners so the church was full. After the opening prayers the priest looked around for someone to do the Readings so I as often oblige when the regular readers are absent I responded when the priest gave me the nod.
When I finished reading and was returning to take my seat I heard a voice say "Up Labour" when I looked in the direction of the voice I found it to be a long life supporter of the Galway Labour Party.
I was embarrassed as I am sure his voice could be heard plainly by all those standing near him.
I would say the majority of people present would be supporters of present Fianna Fail Government Party.
Worldwide Galway has the reputation of being Bohemian but politicswise it has always been conservative.
Latest figures showed that 15% of Galway people are non-Irish. So will Galway be a melting pot of cultures or will it be multi-cultural? It's hard to know.
Multiculturalism does not really work as when people stick steadfast to their own culture you can get a divided society. The most cross culture marriages are in the UK yet it has major problems with integration so what is the answer?
Do we aim at the "melting pot" idea going for secularism or do we try to facilitate the cultures of people of the "New Ireland"? Just take the questions of school, the law of the land entitles different denominations to set up their own schools.
In the not too distant future I see that many new immigrants parents will want their children to taught in schools that uphold Christian or Muslim values, they do not want to see their children absorbed into the drinking culture which is rampant in today's Irish society. They have left their birth countries so that their children could have better future than they had.


  1. Fair play Nuala! The man who said Up Labour might be just stirring the pot in a FF congregation! And it won't do you any harm to be widely known as you are the candidate. No such thing as bad publicity!
    As for the integration debate, multiculturalism vs. assimilation - the answer must surely lie somewhere in the middle, mutual respecting others positions without compromising our societal core principles and values to extremism of any sort. I agree about the excessive drink culture prevalent in Ireland today, getting wasted seems to be the goal of many a night out, which I can't get my head around. This is a debate that could run and run!

  2. Congrats on the blog, Up Labour! i lived for a year in Clifden about 20 years ago, left it the day the Berlin Wall came down. Always found the people to be open and welcoming and tolerant. Someone told me that Clifden voted yes to divorce in 1986. It said something to me about their toleranc in what was a bleak time in our modern history.


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