Sunday, January 11, 2009

Padric O'Conaire real home is Eyre Square

I have visited the stature of Padraic O'Conaire in the Galway City Museum and thought it looked so out of place. For a man (a poet and writer) who was a wanderer all his adult life it does seem to me that he would walk out of there if his legs came to life.
To visitors and locals alike his place is in Eyre Square. Conservationists believed that to leave the statue in Eyre Square left it open to desecration and environmental deterioration. They may be right but is it like storing your beautiful set of china in the attic and never allowing your guests or family to use it in case even one cup was broken, this is Mrs Bucket like type of thinking. Art is pointless unless the creator shares the results of his or her talent with as many people as possible. Statues by their very nature are meant to inspire us as we go about of daily life by their beauty, serenity or truth.

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