Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Galway in a time of recession

There is always a funny side to everything, in today's Galway Independent there is a photograph showing roadside signs in Connamara and the sign for Recess is changed to Recession.
One can find humour in everything if one looks for it.
Galway has lost some jobs due to the recession but we are still doing well with medical device companies like Medtronics and Boston Scientific so we should not complain too much.
If we could solve our traffic congestion problem we would be all much happier but with 14 or so roundabouts what can you do?
There is something about roundabouts that seem to brings out the worst in people, Galway people are no exception. I am sure there is more cursing and swearing done at roundabouts than you'd hear at the Galway Races in two lifetimes.
The roundabouts in Galway are called after the 14 Tribes(the founding fathers of Norman origin), this begs the question "Was the idea of having 14 roundabouts the City Councils idea of making sure that we did not forget the Athys, Brownes, Deans, D'Arcys....... or did we really need 14 roundabouts? I am of the opinion that it is the former as no small city needs 14 Roundabouts

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  1. Well said Nuala - congrats on your blog, I really enjoyed reading your first entry, especially the witty variation on Recess - very appropriate in these times!
    I have taken the liberty of becoming a follower of your blog, hope it's ok with you. Be sure to join my blog and become a follower too.


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