Monday, January 26, 2009

Galway needs more investement in Water Sports

There needs to be a more even distribution of funding by Galway City Council for all sports which should include water sports like canoeing, rowing and kayaking.
Galway at one time was one of the leading cities in Ireland for rowing. The initial investment in rowing is costly. This means that unless rowing clubs get their share of funding first class Rowing teams from Galway will be a thing of the past.
The Corrib and Lough Atalia are under used as recreational amenities. In any other city in Europe this would never happen. With Galway hosting the Volvo Ocean Race stopover from 23 May - 6 June it is an opportune time to explore the endless possibilities we have at our doorstep.
In a city surrounded by water every child or young adult should be able swim and row. The love for the rivers, lakes and sea is in our blood, so why not make the most of it.
Are people like Jeanie Hackett, a lifelong supporter of Galway Rowing Club, looking down on us from the Great Rowing Club in the sky, cheering "Up Barr a Chaladh" as the lads come back after winning an important race.
Hundreds of young Galwegians today have never been "Up the Corrib" in a boat. How can you love or appreciate your environment if you are not familiar with it?
For both locals and tourists Nuala would like to see new initiatives to reverse the decline of water sports in Galway.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Padric O'Conaire real home is Eyre Square

I have visited the stature of Padraic O'Conaire in the Galway City Museum and thought it looked so out of place. For a man (a poet and writer) who was a wanderer all his adult life it does seem to me that he would walk out of there if his legs came to life.
To visitors and locals alike his place is in Eyre Square. Conservationists believed that to leave the statue in Eyre Square left it open to desecration and environmental deterioration. They may be right but is it like storing your beautiful set of china in the attic and never allowing your guests or family to use it in case even one cup was broken, this is Mrs Bucket like type of thinking. Art is pointless unless the creator shares the results of his or her talent with as many people as possible. Statues by their very nature are meant to inspire us as we go about of daily life by their beauty, serenity or truth.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Up Labour

A my local church St. Augustine's this morning I have a funny experience. It was a months mind for one of the parishioners so the church was full. After the opening prayers the priest looked around for someone to do the Readings so I as often oblige when the regular readers are absent I responded when the priest gave me the nod.
When I finished reading and was returning to take my seat I heard a voice say "Up Labour" when I looked in the direction of the voice I found it to be a long life supporter of the Galway Labour Party.
I was embarrassed as I am sure his voice could be heard plainly by all those standing near him.
I would say the majority of people present would be supporters of present Fianna Fail Government Party.
Worldwide Galway has the reputation of being Bohemian but politicswise it has always been conservative.
Latest figures showed that 15% of Galway people are non-Irish. So will Galway be a melting pot of cultures or will it be multi-cultural? It's hard to know.
Multiculturalism does not really work as when people stick steadfast to their own culture you can get a divided society. The most cross culture marriages are in the UK yet it has major problems with integration so what is the answer?
Do we aim at the "melting pot" idea going for secularism or do we try to facilitate the cultures of people of the "New Ireland"? Just take the questions of school, the law of the land entitles different denominations to set up their own schools.
In the not too distant future I see that many new immigrants parents will want their children to taught in schools that uphold Christian or Muslim values, they do not want to see their children absorbed into the drinking culture which is rampant in today's Irish society. They have left their birth countries so that their children could have better future than they had.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Galway in a time of recession

There is always a funny side to everything, in today's Galway Independent there is a photograph showing roadside signs in Connamara and the sign for Recess is changed to Recession.
One can find humour in everything if one looks for it.
Galway has lost some jobs due to the recession but we are still doing well with medical device companies like Medtronics and Boston Scientific so we should not complain too much.
If we could solve our traffic congestion problem we would be all much happier but with 14 or so roundabouts what can you do?
There is something about roundabouts that seem to brings out the worst in people, Galway people are no exception. I am sure there is more cursing and swearing done at roundabouts than you'd hear at the Galway Races in two lifetimes.
The roundabouts in Galway are called after the 14 Tribes(the founding fathers of Norman origin), this begs the question "Was the idea of having 14 roundabouts the City Councils idea of making sure that we did not forget the Athys, Brownes, Deans, D'Arcys....... or did we really need 14 roundabouts? I am of the opinion that it is the former as no small city needs 14 Roundabouts

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